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11 Reasons to Meditate Daily

1. Your life comes to be dramatically more clearer and calm The hustle and bustle of daily life is choking our thoughts of the tranquility we are worthy of! Our innovation innovations should not stifle our thoughts, it should allow us to attain even more tranquility. Meditation assists put those events in perspective for our…

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The Grand Illusion of Self: You’re Not The Person You Think You Are

As you rise every early morning, one aspect of your self reassembles: the first-person observer of fact, inhabiting a body. As you go on throughout your day, so does your sense of having a past, a personality and inspirations. Your self is total, as both witness of the global and holder of your consciousness and…

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Do You Know Someone Who Is Hiding Their Spirituality?

  Do you know someone who is hiding their spirituality? As the awakening continues to acquire energy, many people are finding themselves caught between following their hearts and exactly what other people may think of them. Occasionally our ego avoids us from expressing who we really are. Since birth, many of us were programmed to…

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Spiritual Wellness

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Welcome to the Global Wellness Blog. Today, people are constantly searching for information. There will always be a demand for information, and it is growing higher and higher every day. People will always have problems, difficulties or situations in their life that they want to resolve, and the solutions for these problems come in the form of information searches. Many of these searches pertain wellness, whether it is: physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, financial wellness, occupational wellness or even energetic wellness.


Because there will always be an ongoing search for information on these aspects of wellness, we’ve decided to create a blog that shares this information with others, and invites anybody to contribute by sharing their own knowledge with others through the community blog.. We realize how important it is to share information regarding the aspects of wellness to society, and this is why the Global Wellness Blog was created.


The Global Wellness Blog is a community blog that allows anybody to post articles to the blog. Anybody can become a member for free and post any content they want, as long as it is valuable information and relevant to the topic category. However, your article content can include images, video, and links. This includes links to your own business, website, or even affiliate links. This allows free members and anybody who posts to the blog to monetize their blog posts and make money.


Anybody who becomes a free member starts as a contributor and is able to begin posting article immediately, however the article will not be published until it is reviewed and approved by our team. Articles will be checked for relevance and unique content. After 100 days of approved posts, you become an author and your posts are then automatically approved instantly.


Because many people are constantly posting to the blog, any articles posted on the blog have an extremely high potential of showing up on the first pages of search engines like Google. This means free members are able to have their posts automatically SEO optimized and start receiving highly targeted traffic to their posts. However, it is the article poster’s responsibility to use specific keywords and unique, valuable information in their articles.


All posts on the blog automatically have built-in social sharing tools. This means that many blog posts will be shared on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and even through email. Because all posts on the blog will be continuously shared, any post has the potential of going viral.


If you wish to become a free member and start posting right away, all you need to do is create a free account. Please click here to create your free blog account now.

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