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Review of the Brain Evolution System

This is my honest Brain Evolution System review. A system that I bought when it first came out and one that I still have ready on my ipod as part of my morning meditation ritual. If you are looking to become more at peace and relaxed with yourself and/or life I recommend you click here…

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Entraining the Mind with Sound (All Natural High)

I should start by explaining that All Natural High is an audio MP3 (accompanied by a PDF manual). As the name suggests, it is designed to generate a sense of euphoria in the listener without any illicit substances. It does this by ‘entraining’ the listener’s brain to produce brain waves at certain target frequencies that…

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Mastering The Law of Attraction (Uberman Review)

Uberman is a 178 page mind altering experience into the latest cutting-edge discoveries in Mind Science and Consciousness Technologies that provide practical techniques you can begin using immediately to activate your higher senses and create miracles in your daily life. So what’s in the Uberman book? It starts off with a technique for getting feedback…

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Create Your Reality With Deliberate Creation

World renowned self-improvement authority Dr. Robert Anthony has developed a personal development audio program that he calls “The Secret of Deliberate Creation.” The Secret of deliberate creation is a program carefully engineered to tackle your inner barriers, which are coming in your way to succeed. The training will show you how to identify and capture…

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Finding Your Life Path With Your Name

Numerologist are individuals who have the ability to determine your life path and future based on the mathematical squence of your name. It can also determine whether your life path will be filledwith sorrow or happines based on numbers. Their philosophy and basis for the ability to make such grand statements is based in the…

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How to Eliminate Stress In 10 Seconds!

No matter where you are on the journey of your career, you probably have realized by now that being overwhelmed is a natural by-product of success. Whether you are employed, in the transition of your own business, just started off on your entrepreneurial journey, or if you have been in it for a while and…

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The Short But Powerful Guide To Finding Your Passion

Following your passion can be a tough thing. But figuring out what that passion is can be even more elusive. And so, in this little guide, I’d like to help you get started figuring out what you’d love doing. This guide won’t be comprehensive, and it won’t find your passion for you. But it will help you…

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Enjoying the sun

The Top 5 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

If today was your last day alive, would you die fulfilled? The fear of making a mistake can stop us from living a dream. We allow that fear to stop us. Do you wake up fresh, revitalized grateful to be alive? Life shouldn’t be the zombie apocalypse. Live damn it, don’t just exist. Bronnie Ware is a…

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Realization and Productivity

The escape. It’s an easy way to maintain the present mind and not focus on the ‘troubles’ of every day living. Regardless of the nature, there is something we all use as an escape. What are we ‘escaping’ from? What is there that holds us back that we must mentally run away? Is it something that…

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Your Thoughts Create Your Future: What Does Yours Look Like?

This would have to be one of the best explanations we’ve seen on how the Universe really works. And despite knowing a lot of this stuff already, we couldn’t help but watch it a few times because nothing could be more true: Our thoughts – good and bad – create our reality. Watch this 5-minute video…

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