About Us

Global Wellness is a research and training community that allows individuals and networks of individuals to work together in spreading the very best self‐improvement, inspirational and enlightening information products and services to the world.

It’s a brand new way of looking at life, science, and spirituality. This information consists of universal principles that have been understood for hundreds of years.

However, they have been hidden away in old texts.

Our society has witnessed an explosion of these concepts recently. Some of them have made their way into self‐help and self‐improvement books.

The 3 Universal Principles that form the Basis for this Information are:

1. A human is an eternal awareness having a temporary physical experience. Without this knowledge, life becomes simply a battle to survive.

2. The Universe is not a cold and unconcerned location. On the contrary, it has actually been designed to be responsive to our options and to empower those who reside in it.

3. Matter, energy, and thoughts are vibrational in nature. Thus, each interfaces with the various others in a subtle, but powerful means. We can apply the physics of vibrational communication to the relationship between spirit and the real world in day‐to‐day life. It turns out that this works astonishingly well to clarify and streamline all elements of everyday living.

Our mission is to partner with gifted, spiritually aware people who develop eBooks, audiobooks, videos, e-courses, blogs, and seminars to raise spiritual awareness throughout the world, in agreement with these principles.

The Global Wellness Academy is an online university for transformational education. We create and provide digital content to help you become the best version of you and live the life you deserve.

Our mission is to influence, enlighten, and educate everyone on Earth to the awareness of their higher capacity. Our objective is to alter the current belief systems on Earth by increasing spiritual awareness and empowering individuals to create their own lives and experience the reality they desire.

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