How to “Rewire” Your Subconscious Mind For Success

The subconscious mind is a wonderful piece of machinery. It literally frees your conscious mind— the part that is aware and has wishes, desires, creativity– to do all the high level thinking. The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. And with great power comes… well, you know the rest.

The subconscious mind is so powerful because it’s in your subconscious mind that your deepest held beliefs are wired.

So in the same way that you are not consciously aware of walking, you are also likely unaware of repetitive thoughts such as “I am unworthy”, “I am poor”, or “I don’t deserve to be loved”.

These thoughts become so ingrained from early childhood that you think them as easily as walking down the street. And these automatic thoughts can bring you a lot of struggle and pain in life. Here’s why.
The thoughts in your subconscious mind shape your reality much more strongly than the ones held in your conscious mind. Your subconscious is much more powerful than your conscious mind.

Scientists use the image of an iceberg to illustrate the difference between the conscious and subconscious minds. The tip of the iceberg that is above water represents the conscious mind. And the rest of the iceberg – the larger portion that is submerged, represents the subconscious mind.

When you look at an iceberg on the horizon, the part you see is only a tiny portion of the whole. The submerged part is much larger and holds much more weight. Here’s an example of how this plays out in life. Suppose you want more money. Let’s say you even talk out loud in front of a mirror to reinforce the affirmation. “I want more money”.
Realize that you can repeat this mantra a thousand times… but if your subconscious mind holds the thought “I am poor”, this is what you will keep materializing in your reality.
You will keep manifesting a lack of money, no matter what you consciously say or think. So what do you do? How do you change these subconscious thoughts that may be sabotaging you? You “rewire” the subconscious mind.
One way you can begin to do this is by first discovering your subconscious limiting beliefs. Seeing is always the first step – you must become aware of your destructive thought cycles and patterns that you’re holding onto. The next step is focusing your attention. You divert your attention to what you DO want. Using the “I am poor” example, you focus not on the thought itself but on what you want. You plant a seed in your subconscious mind that is completely opposite to that thought: “I am abundant”.

Don’t just say the words but actually feel them. The trick is that you feel this truth with your entire being. You can see, smell, taste, and touch abundance. The third step is to simply practice gratitude. Feel grateful for everything you already have – because when you appreciate everything you already have, you attract even more things to be grateful for.

Although this technique is very powerful, it also takes time to learn and practice on a daily basis. Now as we mentioned in the previous article about clearing limiting subconscious beliefs, there are other techniques that can be used such as EFT, or “Emotional Freedom Technique”. This technique involves tapping on the body’s meridian points, in sequence, while stating affirmations or “focus statements”. This is another powerful technique, however, even this process takes time and practice to take full effect and truly “rewire” your subconscious mind for success. All of these techniques actively “rewire” the neurons in your brain (this is called neuroplasticity).



If you’re like me, you like simple (or completely effortless) methods of getting things done fast. In my experience, one of the most effective ways of “reprogramming” the subconscious mind is by using subliminal technology. Subliminal affirmations are positive, empowering recorded affirmations that are transposed to a frequency that is beyond the range of human hearing. Although these affirmations aren’t heard by the conscious mind, they are heard perfectly by the subconscious mind.

This means you can subliminal affirmations while you sleep, work or relax without actually hearing the recorded affirmations. The only disadvantage of using subliminal affirmations is that you can only focus on one subject or area of life at a time – because this is simply how most subliminals are scripted and recorded. For example, you could find a subliminal track for attracting wealth, and a subliminal track for being healthy, but not one that does both. We wanted to change this, so we did.



True Triliminals is a program we created that uses a unique, brand new technology called triliminals. Triliminals tracks are tracks that include three different subliminal tracks in one. Usually, you cannot use more than one subliminal track at a time… but we fixed this by using something called “stereophonic panning”. This is where one track plays in the left ear, one in the right ear, and one in the center. When each track is placed on a different channel, this allows your subconscious mind to easily perceive, interpret and retain the subliminal affirmations that are being played. So what makes this technology so powerful?

By using Triliminal Technology, you will be able to eliminate the negative beliefs that keep you stuck, replace them with empowering new positive beliefs, change your view about yourself and the world, and enhance practically every aspect of your life. You are able to “rewire” many different subconscious beliefs at the same time, turning your subconscious mind into a manifestation powerhouse, allowing you to effortlessly attract everything you want, easily achieve your goals and quickly materialize your desires.



To make these triliminal tracks even more powerful, we included tracks where the triliminal script is embedded behind “theta music”. Theta music is calm, relaxing music that has been embedded with isochronic tones (similar to binaural tones) designed to put you in the theta state, where your subconscious mind is more receptacle to the positive subliminal affirmations in these tracks. When you are in the theta state, your subconscious mind easily “picks up” the subliminal affirmations and will retain them, creating serious results in your life (and quickly). Because we use isochronic tones, headphones are not required. You can use any version of the True Triliminal tracks with or without headphones – it’s up to you.

With True Triliminals, you get four versions of each track – three versions with Theta Music, and one silent version. You also get all of the individual subliminal tracks to do whatever you want with, as well as a special bonus that you’ll have to check out on the True Triliminals website. Here’s a hint.. it’s a very unique software that will allow you to never spend money on subliminals every again – and even make money selling subliminal tracks, if you decide to.


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