The Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques

What if you could experience the freedom of flying like Superman? What if you could meet and have conversations with people like Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali or Ghandi? What if you could travel to anywhere in time or space? What if you could easily discover your own personal life purpose? What if you could practice real-life skills in your mind, just like Neo in the Matrix? What about safely and easily overcoming fears and phobias… exploring new worlds, or accessing life-changing information from your subconscious?


This is the power of Lucid Dreaming. See, Lucid dreamers have the ability to do all of these things, at will. They can take control of your dreams, and experience their dreams in a whole new way. With lucid dreaming, there are no limits. Anything you can imagine, you can experience. Even if it’s something completely impossible in waking life, it can become real in your dreams.. and might even feel more “real” than anything in “real” life. When you learn how to have lucid dreams, the possibilities are endless.


When I heard about lucid dreaming, and all of these benefits that come with it, I knew I had to learn how to do it myself. I had been struggling with financial problems and needed a way to come up with new ideas that could create success in my life. Part of the problem was also the limiting beliefs I had.

When I found out that lucid dreaming would give me a way to get answers from my intuition, generate new ideas, and even change my limiting beliefs, I promised myself I would find a way to do it. After months of research and trying many different lucid dreaming techniques, I finally experience my first lucid dream.. and it was amazing. Eventually, I put together a team of people to help me create something that would allow anybody to lucid dream, easily and effortlessly.

We have been studying and experimenting with Lucid Dreaming for over two years now, and we have finally found the best tools and techniques that allow anyone to experience the power of lucid dreams, even if you have never experienced it before. We let a few beta-testers try out some of these tools and techniques, and the feedback we received was amazing. We got reports of people having “life-changing” experiences, doing things they always wanted to do, getting information they always wanted to know, and getting over fears and phobias that they thought would never go away. People reported having conversations with famous people who have passed away, traveling to different parts of the world or even through space, and learning real-life skills without actually needing to practice those skills in “real” life.

See, one of the coolest things about lucid dreaming is that your brain does not know the different between “real life” and a dream. So when you practice something in your dreams, it works just as well as practicing it in real life. This is something done by famous Olympians, business owners, entrepreneurs, wrestlers and athletes – they mentally rehearse in their minds. By doing this, you literally begin to use the same mental muscles AND physical muscles as if you were actually doing it.


If you’ve seen “The Matrix”, you probably remember the scene where Neo is able to “download” new skills by learning and practicing them in his mind. By learning and practicing new skills in a lucid dream, you can then apply what you learned or practiced in reality when you wake up!


How To Start Lucid Dreaming Today:
There are a few things you can start doing to increase the chances that you’ll catch yourself dreaming while you’re asleep. Here are three simple tips that you can start using today.


During the day, repeatedly ask yourself if you’re dreaming. This is called a “Reality Check”. You can also do this by looking at your hands, looking at a clock, or by flipping a light switch.

Get in the habit of identifying any signs or events that would be weird in real life. Dreams are usually full of things that would never actually happen, or are actually impossible, in real life. By becoming aware of these things, you will start to notice them more and more, and then realize when you are dreaming.

Keep a dream journal to help you focus on your dreams. Write down everything you can remember when you wake up. By simply keeping a journal of your dreams, you begin to put more attention on your dreams and increase the chances that you will have a lucid dream. This technique also helps you vividly remember your dreams more often.

Start putting these techniques into practice today, and you may just start having more lucid dreams, or experience a lucid dream for the first time!


In the next post, we are going to talk more about how lucid dreaming can change your life, give you some examples of other people’s experiences with lucid dreaming, give you some more techniques that you can start using to have lucid dreams, and we will also dive into Astral Projection – what it is, and how it can also change your life.


We want to know your experiences with lucid dreaming? Have you ever had a lucid dream? Write about it in the comments below this post! Also, we want to know any questions you may have about lucid dreaming, so please leave your questions in the comments and we will answer them in the next post! Thanks for reading!

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