Healthy Habits Can Save Your Life

You know that exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables is good for you, but living a healthy life is not just about staying in shape. Adopting better health habits could boost your chances of enjoying a long and healthy life by decreasing your risk of suffering from serious health issues, like diabetes. The hard part is making these habits part of your everyday routine. When you’re used to sitting a lot and eating whatever you want, making healthy changes is tough. There are several ways you can ensure that you follow through with your health goals.

Set Aside Time

Changing over to healthier meals and incorporating a workout routine into your schedule takes time. Instead of falling back on the usual excuse about not having enough time to make these changes, set aside time for them. Give yourself a certain amount of time to plan out your meals and look into which foods are healthier options. If you have a hectic schedule, look around online for quick and nutritious meals to make. For exercising, schedule a few short blocks of time each day for working out, such as 15-minute walks or doing 10 minutes of stretching. You should find this easier to handle than finding time to squeeze in longer workouts.

Write Out Your Goals

Come up with a plan to adopt a healthier lifestyle by sitting down and thinking about what you want to accomplish. Write down answers to things such as how you’ll change your diet and what kinds of exercises you want to do. Keep in mind that reducing stress is also part of a healthy lifestyle, so write down goals for this, too. Your stress reduction plan could include relaxing in a warm bath a few nights a week or taking care of an issue that’s been bothering you, such as getting rid of unsightly stretch marks. Once you write down your goals, keep that sheet of paper handy so you can look it over from time to time for inspiration.

Shrug Off Setbacks

Since nobody is perfect, don’t be surprised or discouraged if you don’t meet one or more of your daily goals on occasion. Instead of focusing on any setbacks that occur, let them go and glance at your healthy lifestyle plan again. This will remind you of how important it is to keep working toward your health goals. You can also focus on the fact that each day gives you a fresh chance to meet your daily goals.

Get Creative

Adopting healthy lifestyle changes might seem like a chore, so keep yourself motivated by trying new things. You don’t have to eat the same healthy snacks or meals day after day, and you don’t have to follow the same daily exercise routine. Add some excitement to your health goals by trying new healthy recipes or exercises every so often. You can also vary the types of workouts you do each week and the meals you eat each day.

Find Support

Get your best friend or a family member involved in your health goals. If they’re trying to make the same changes, you can do so together. This gives you a chance to support someone you love and receive support in return, and it also makes these changes more fun. Even if they’re not working on the same goals, you can still let them know what changes you want to make and report your progress to them on a daily or weekly basis. This helps hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals and also provides you with some moral support if your motivation starts to wane.


The author Sandy Getzky is an associate editor at ProveMyMeds, a public health and education startup focused on producing helpful resources concerning the treatment of common ailments.

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