Review of the Brain Evolution System

This is my honest Brain Evolution System review. A system that I bought when it first came out and one that I still have ready on my ipod as part of my morning meditation ritual. If you are looking to become more at peace and relaxed with yourself and/or life I recommend you click here to receive a free BrainEv audio now and read on.

BrainEV uses sound to help boost your mind power helping it to reach the optimum level for health, well-being, creativity, relaxation and more. The creators call it “the most powerful self-development technology on earth” and that is a pretty powerful statement to make. The good news is this is backed up by years and years of satisfied customers and scientific research.

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Those of us who are true BrainEV-ers in that we have actually used the product understand its strength and brilliance. If I was to try and explain exactly how this left me feeling it is a little like asking me to explain the wonderful taste of chocolate cake. I can only go so far. The best way to experience it is to try it for yourself.
What I can do is answer a few questions for you and explain how it helped me.

Stressed out and overwhelmed.

I think that is the best way to explain how I was feeling back then when I first bought BrainEV. I had many fingers in many pies business wise and I just couldn’t seem to get it all done. That wasn’t why I bought the system though. I bought it simply because I wanted to learn how to meditate but couldn’t keep my thoughts quiet long enough to actually enjoy the peace that came from it.

I was ready to give up on meditation when I heard about the Brain Evolution System and decided to give it a go. I knew it was new on the market but I decided that the sound might help me stay focused. I was already into self hypnosis but the sound of a man’s voice talking to me just added to the many voices already going on in my head!

Why did you decide to use BrainEV?

I love the fact that it is non-invasive. I just have to put headphones on and listen. I use different tools including things like repeating affirmations but you do have to say affirmations several times for weeks or months sometimes to feel the effect. I still use affirmations and I recommend them but I loved the ease of just sitting still and listening.

How often do you use BrainEV?

I actually followed the recommended time of 30 minutes a day, six times a week for one month until you complete all the CDs. There are six CDs in total. I remember being in the forum at the time and there weren’t many people doing it exactly as they should and plenty of people complaining. I just couldn’t understand what they had to complain about because I found it worked really well. As long as I dedicated the time to listen to the CDs I noticed a shift in how I felt about life emotionally. Everything just seemed a lot easier to cope with after the system.

Is this some kind of jiggery-pokery?
No. There is actual science behind brain entrainment in particular and the Brain Evolution system specifically. The system uses binaural beats and other sounds that influence your brainwaves as you relax. This means when you are awake you perform at peak performance. I am really not into the science behind stuff and like to give things a go and experience them for myself but if you are click here to read about BrainEv and read about the science behind it too.

What sounds do you hear?

Each of the six CDs have a different sound. My favorite is always running water and you hear that on them. You also hear birdsong, musical chimes, and bells.
What effects did you feel and how long did it take?

Well the first thing I felt was able to cope with everything happening in my life. There was more of a calm, self assurance that I had never experienced before. I never had a problem with sleeping at all but I found I slept more soundly. I didn’t wake up feeling tired once I started listening to them.
By CD three or four I felt as if I had far more energy. I could go for longer on less!

I felt the effects after the first CD. It is not as if something ‘switched on’ for me – it was just one day I was waking up feeling tired then I started listening to the CDs and I realized for the last few days I wasn’t as tired. So I can’t put my fingers on an exact timescale but I know in the first month I had felt a significant difference. Please do remember though that I followed the ‘rules’ to achieve that.

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Despite everything I have put above I must end by saying my results may not be yours. I do receive a commission if you buy this product after reading my review but I have been recommending it for years anyway through word of mouth. I have just decided to put my thoughts down in words online. I am not making any claims that this will transform your life but the creators of the Brain EVolution System make enough claims of their own about how amazing it is. What I do know is that it helped me at a time when I needed it and although I have gone on to use other personal development tools (but I have never used another brain entrainment system) I still enjoy listening to one of these CDs when the mood takes me.

The best way to discover if this is for you is to get your own copy and then do your own due diligence by using it. Take advantage of the guarantees if you are not convinced. I kept my system. Even when they messed up the CDs and had to send them all out again (that was a launch mistake seven years ago) I still believed in their power and I am glad I stuck with them.

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