Mastering The Law of Attraction (Uberman Review)

Uberman is a 178 page mind altering experience into the latest cutting-edge discoveries in Mind Science and Consciousness Technologies that provide practical techniques you can begin using immediately to activate your higher senses and create miracles in your daily life.

So what’s in the Uberman book?

It starts off with a technique for getting feedback from your body. This is based on kinesiology (muscle testing) and works a treat. You’re given lots of practical examples and there’s also a support video to help if you get stuck.

Once you’ve got the hang of getting feedback from your body, you’re taught how to center yourself. This is another easy to use technique that has fast results. And fast results are important in our hectic modern lives, otherwise most of us have a habit of moving on to the next “shiny penny”. Again, this is all backed up by videos that are well worth watching.

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The 3rd chapter shows you how to manifest a magical life. This explains two “power tools” that (as with a lot of things) were quietly missing from the movie The Secret. They’re neatly explained and the book claims you should be able to get to use them in about 5 minutes. I’d personally suggest a bit longer as it took me that long to read and understand them but probably not much more that double that, which is pretty good going.

The meat of the Uberman book then starts in earnest. You’re shown some simple techniques for manifesting money and other good things in your life. Again, everything is well explained and easy to follow.

This is an easily accessable guide to the law of attraction. The writing is succinct and it includes easily usable and effective exercises. The experience is enhanced if you access the videos they suggest in the book. Unfortunately, I was unable to access those by using the address they suggested(links at their website) but was able to easily find the videos on You Tube. All I got from their website was a pitch to buy the book.

The princicples are presented in such a way that you can test them immediately. Although reference is made to complementary techniques from Quantum Healing to Chinese energetics, there is no hard sell. And, most importantly, you can quickly and easily see results. I tried the manifesting money exercise and am up to $1000. This book is easy and fun. It is a good introduction for persons new to the law of attraction and a good tonic for those who think their manifestation skills are stale.

Click here to download Uberman: Almost Super Human

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