Emotional Healing With Z-Point

What is the ZPoint Process?

ZPoint is a very simple yet powerful tool designed to release the feelings that are holding you back from achieving what you really want in life. The most basic procedure for this process is done by installing a Healing Program (instructions telling your body what to do) and using a cue word to activate the program. For a more complete explanation go to his (Grant Connolly’s) website: What is ZPoint?

How Do I Get Started?

There are two ways to get you going quickly:

  1. The creator of this process, Grant Connolly, has provided a Free Introduction to ZPoint e-Book which will send you sprinting out of the starting gate. Just go to his home page and you can enter your name and e-mail at the top of the left side navigation to receive his free e-book and away you go.
  2. If you are more auditory and prefer to listen rather than read, you could listen to a Sample ZPoint Recording or watch the videos below to get you going immediately.

Find Personal Freedom with ZPoint

What Does the ZPoint Process Involve?

The ZPoint Process includes first of all installing an intention or Healing Program by either reading or listening to the set script. This step can easily be done by listening to the first video below. Secondly, a cue word is chosen (I have personally chosen “Go” as my cue word) which, when repeated, activates the program that was installed. You can change the cue word at any time. Lastly, you tune in to your specific feeling that you want to work with and start repeating your cue word. There are open-ended phrases to be used that will also take the clearing deeper. Simple, huh?

Click here to download the free Z-Point ebook and get started!

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