The Pacing Of The Shift

Many people ask ‘Why aren’t those SHEEPLE waking up?’ Can’t they see? Can’t they see what’s going on? Why don’t the see the truth as we do? How can they still be asleep with all that’s going on?

And my thought on this topic is I feel the earth is probably like we humans, a mirror if you will – i.e. most of us on this path know that if we were to be flooded with DNA upgrades, the total light energy ultimately available to us and all knowledge of Akashic records all in one go – we would self destruct due simply to not being appropriately prepared or vibrating high enough to handle that kind and amount of energy all at once. We have been essentially been in a ‘lockdown’ for thousands upon thousands of years.

I suspect the same holds true for our dear planet earth as she has, like we humans, been essentially ‘held hostage’ and abused hundreds and thousands of years. To dump 5D, 6D, 7D or higher Many people ask 'Why aren't those SHEEPLE waking up?' Can't they see? Can't they see what's going on? Why don't the see the truth as we do? How can they still be asleep with all that's going on?dimensional energies onto her all at once via we humans would most likely create geographic upheavals that would essentially pour out the baby with the bath water – ie wipe us all out before we get a chance to make this grand adventure work.

The Earth and her inhabitants are intrinsically connected.. Our energies, our vibrations and our intentions all have a profound effect on her. She lives parallel to how we live. We and she are essentially dancing a dance of ascension here. We are being paced, in my mind to keep the dance going so we all have the best possible chance to make this work.

I know we are all eager and, at times, impatient to ‘get this show on the road’ but as we look around and see ourselves ‘condemning’ others for not being as awake as us &\and wondering how on earth they can still be asleep. Remember…Pacing…it’s important for us and it’s important for Gaia for us all to be paced in this transition.

Finally, I feel strongly as I look around me that the pacing is being very carefully and methodically assisted, shall we say, from our ET, energetic and galactic partners in this grand experiment. She takes care of us and we take care of her. This has never been more true than during this awakening The pacing is allowing us the best chance at success – she and we both.

So have patience with your fellow humans, thank them for their very important role they have agreed to play in this grand adventure and know that their pace is an integral part in the ultimate success in the grand awakening.


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