Create Happiness With A Positive Life Outlook

The mind is the molder of our individual and communal world.

Every occasion we perceive through our senses is assessed, assessed and signed up in the mind as pleasant, undesirable or neutral. Our belief systems find to figure out whether each regarded input is something, which will “shield” or “endanger” our safety, self-regard and / or liberty.

When life’s events are interpreted by our programmed mind as threatening, fearful or unpleasant, we experience a state of stress and anxiety and stress. When anxiety and nervous tension become a chronic situation, then the body and mind are slowly damaged into a state of weak point and ill health. A psychosomatic disease is produced.

The energy circulation, concentration and quality of the mind are disrupted. Organs start to breakdown. Adverse emotions such as depression, bitterness, worry, temper, hate, envy, jealousy and bitterness dominate the mind. Our relationships begin to wear away and a feeling of alienation can set it. It is time for “Attitude Therapy”.

“Attitude Therapy”.

In “Mindset Therapy” we transform mindsets, beliefs or perceptions, which prevent us from experiencing health, happiness and consistency. Negative, life-destroying attitudes are replaced by favorable life-building ones. Let us think about a few of these advantageous attitudes.

1) I Alone Am Responsible for My Life, Health and Happiness.

We develop our health, ailment, joy, unhappiness, unity, alienation, delights and troubles through our point of views, acting, eating, resting, living and connecting. When we eat badly, do not exercise, rest insufficient or too much, do not breathe appropriately and squander our mental and emotional energy on a lot of shallow pursuits, we will normally lose our health and peace of mind.

We create our truth in four standard means.

a. Our selections, thoughts, activities and reactions of the past create matching lead to our present life and psychosomatic state. (If in fact there is such a truth as reincarnation, then our past will likewise include all our options of past lives.) Thus, a significant amount of our present reality is determined by our previous activities, choices and reactions.

b. We have picked (as souls) to discover certain “sessions” at each phase of our evolutionary process.

1. If we have actually chosen to learn to learn self-acceptance it is natural to experience rejection from others so that we can develop inner self-worth.

2. If we have chosen to develop positive self-image, we will naturally have actually decided to experience an absence of external support.

3. If we have chosen to find out mercy and unconditional love, we will have made a secret “soul arrangement” with others to hurt us so that we can then develop that type of forgiveness and love.

c. Our present aware and subconscious beliefs are maybe the best source of our preset truth. We attract to ourselves behaviors, events and life situations, which in some way “mirror” or “vibrate sympathetically” with how we think and feel in the present. Our present positive and negative aware and subconscious beliefs, desires, requirements, expectations and emotions such as worry, guilt, shame, love, peace and anger all incorporate to draw in to us a corresponding external (and definitely internal) truth.

d. In addition to bring in specific truths, we also translate what is taking place according to our beliefs. We provide greater or lesser significance to specific issues and therefore allow them to impact our mindset to a higher or lesser degree. When we give wonderful value to our look or to how others perceive us or act towards us, then our truth will alter significantly each time we receive an input concerning our look or exactly what others think.

Of these four elements we have control over only the last two at this time. We can not alter our previous options and our soul courses are an indispensable part of our presence in these bodies. Hence we are left with altering our present mindful and subconscious beliefs. First of all this will permit us to attract even more positive habits, occasions and scenarios toward our being. Second of all, we will view life more favorably so that even when we are not getting our liked truth we feel safe and secure, worthwhile and free of cost to be our selves.

This is our point of power.

Changing what we believe about life, others and crucial of all, ourselves.

Some of those alternative means of perceiving life will be described in this series.

Some of them are:.

1. We alone are responsible for our lives, health and happiness as individuals and as a group.

2. We have the inner power and ingenuity to deal with whatever life brings us.

3. Our self-worth is a function on our inner being and has nothing to do with appearance, wealth, position, expertise or exactly what others think.

4. Life is always providing us precisely what we should create happiness and to continue our evolutionary procedure.

5. We are free to live our lives according to our own inner suitables and objectives and to change our truth if we opted to.

6. We deeply love and seek to assist our loved ones, while all at once remembering they are souls in the process of development who have selected beneficiary specific sessions.

7. We are all eternal souls in the evolutionary procedure of uncovering and manifesting our inner blissful nature.

8. Each being is divine creation and deserves our love and regard– including us.

9. Our life function is to separately and collectively transform our truth into a more enlightened and loving one.

10. Our standard sessions is Love.

11. Every one of this universe is an expression of the one Universal Omnipresent and Omnipotent Being – Consciousness.

12. We as co-creators with the Divine have actually been developed to bless, spiritualize and transform the material world.

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