Acquire Power Through Self Development

It is the natural right of every human being to be delighted to escape all the miseries of life. Joy is the regular condition, as natural as the landscapes and the seasons. It is unnatural to suffer and it is only because of our ignorance that we do suffer. Joy is the product of wisdom. To obtain best wisdom, to understand totally the purpose of life, to understand totally the relationship of human beings to each various other, is to put an end to all suffering, to escape every ill and evil that afflicts us. Perfect wisdom is unshadowed delight.

Why do we suffer in life? Because in the scheme of nature we are being required forward in evolution and we do not have the spiritual illumination that alone can light the way and enable us to relocate safely amongst the barriers that lie before us. Typically we do not even see or presume the presence of difficulty till it suddenly jumps upon us like a covered tiger. One day our household circle is total and delighted. A week later on death has come and gone and delight is replaced with agony. Today we have a friend. Tomorrow he will be an enemy and we do not know why. A bit ago we had wide range and all material luxuries. There was a sudden change and now we have only poverty and misery but we seek in vain for a reason why this must be. There was a time when we had health and strength; however they have both departed and no trace of a reason appears. Aside from these higher disasters of life many things of lower effect continually offer us little miseries and small distress. We most earnestly need to prevent them but we never ever see them till they strike us, until in the darkness of our ignorance we blunder upon them. Things we lack is the spiritual lighting that will enable us to look far and wide, discovering the unknown sources of human suffering and revealing the method by which they could be avoided; and if we can but reach illumination the evolutionary trip can be made both easily and promptly. It is as though we need to go through a long, dark space fulled of furniture promiscuously scattered about. In the darkness our progression would be slow and uncomfortable and our swellings lots of. However if we could press a button that would turn on the electric light we might then make the exact same journey rapidly and with best safety and convenience.

The old approach of education was to keep the mind with as many realities, or expected facts, as could be collected and to provide a particular exterior polish to the personality. The concept was that when a guy was born he was a completed human being which all that could be done for him was to load him up with info that would be utilized with basically ability, according to the native capability he happened to be born with. The theosophical concept is that the physical guy, and all that constitutes his life in the physical world, is however an extremely partial expression of the self; that in the ego of each there is virtually unrestricted power and wisdom; that these could be brought through into expression in the physical world as the physical body and its unnoticeable counterparts, which together make up the complicated vehicle of the ego’s manifestation, are developed and adapted to the purpose; and that in precise proportion that mindful effort is given to such self-development will spiritual lighting be attained and wisdom achieved. Hence the light that causes joy is kindled from within and the evolutionary trip that all are making may be cheated of its suffering.

Why does death bring misery? Mainly because it separates us from those we like. The only various other reason death brings sorrow or worry is since we do not understand it and comprehend the part it plays in human development. However the moment our ignorance paves the way to understanding such fear disappears and a serene happiness takes its location.

Why do we have enemies from whose words or acts we suffer? Because in our restricted physical consciousness we do not regard the unity of all life and understand that our wrong thinking and doing have to react upon us with other individuals a scenario from which there is no possible escape other than through stopping to think wicked then patiently awaiting the time when the causes we have currently produced are totally exhausted. When spiritual lighting comes, and we not stumble in the evening of lack of knowledge, the last enemy will vanish and we shall make no more for life.

Why do people suffer from poverty and disease? Just because of our blundering ignorance that makes their presence possible for us, and because we do not comprehend their meaning and their lessons, nor know the mindset to assume towards them. Had we however the wisdom to comprehend why they pertain to individuals, why they are essential consider their evolution, they would trouble us not. When nature’s sessions is fully discovered these mute teachers will disappear.

Therefore it is with all kinds of suffering we experience. They go to once responses from our oblivious blunderings and trainers that mention the much better way. When we have actually comprehended the lessons they instruct they are no longer necessary and disappear. It is not by the exterior acquirement of truths that men become wise and fantastic. It is by establishing the soul from within until it brightens the brain with that flood of light called brilliant.

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