Have Your Sleeping Patterns Changed Lately?

Have you saw a change in your sleeping routines lately, perhaps going to bed or taking naps at unusual times? You are not alone!

“Being grounded does not suggest closing down your awareness of greater information; it just means being strongly rooted in the earth while it is coming in, so you can be a conduit as opposed to knowing get stuck coming or going. And as you invest even more time consciously into your physical body than you were in the past, you require more rest.

Prior to moving into ascension you were not as present as you thought you were. As you have actually moved into ascension you have moved more completely into your body. And so by doing that, when you leave your body it is more observable. You feel weary and you sleep more, or when you have feelings and you are more physically relocated into your body, you feel them more strongly than you do when you are ungrounded since that is part of the physical experience.”.

In another post, “12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening,” one can expect unusual sleep patterns. “It’s most likely that you’ll awaken many nights in between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work passing within you, and it frequently causes you to get up for a “breather.””.

We go to the end of the Age of Pisces and are entering the Age of Aquarius, where a new energy surpasses the old energy. This transitional energy exchange could be playing a huge job in unusual sleep patterns for many people. Similar to being an empath, some individuals could be more in tune with these energies than others, yet everybody will be had an effect on by them. Empaths will be the first to find these galactic changes.

This may also explain, on an individual level, why many people are experiencing uncommon rest patterns as gone over in the write-up, “Symptoms of Energy Shifts”: “Waking in the morning and struggling to get out of bed after a full evening of rest, or falling asleep in the middle of the mid-day prevails. This is caused when the energy is shifting throughout the whole spiritual body. This will pass in time, everyone has a various period for some it can be weeks, for others months, for others years. If you can create a pyramid framework to sit under this will give you remarkable boosts of energy when you are lacking it. Drink lots of pure water to hydrate the cells, add crystals to stimulate the water. Consume light meals with natural veggies. Doing light workout will stimulate the energy circulation with the body. Bach remedies, flower essences and essential oils will additionally assist the transition.”.

The medical market will try to identify you as being depressed and will attempt to resolve the “trouble” with a Big Pharma solution. My background is in psychology and as a child & family therapist, I have seen how depression can cause modifications in rest practices, but what lots of people are experiencing is not associated with depression.

The late Jose Arguelles specified that we should find out ways to live without time, which is simpler stated than done when many of us have work routines that we should follow, along with routines that we have followed since youth, such as having meals at particular times or viewing a favored TV “program” at a particular time.

It makes sense that we need to rest when our body informs us to sleep versus requiring ourselves to sleep due to the fact that we should awaken at a particular time to go to work. Unfortunately, that may not mesh well with other relative or our job routines. The only option solution is to attempt to “live without time” on your times off.

While time could seem like it is accelerating, it is really your consciousness that’s accelerating. You’re awakening at an exponential rate where information that formerly took years to build up is now being gathered and examined at the click of a mouse. This may contribute to your system overload as your mind is processing more material than ever in the past.

In a natal birth chart reading by Lavendar, I was told that when we sleep, our multidimensional selves are working in the ethereal realms. While we may just bear in mind a couple of particular dreams from any certain night, our multidimensional bodies are on the other side of the curtain working continuously, as they have no requirement for sleep. Rest is the function of the 3rd measurement and is unnecessary in greater dimensions.

Personally, my sleeping routines have altered considerably over the past a number of months. There are times when I’ll set for a nap at 4pm and will awaken 8 hours later on at midnight, then stay up till whenever my body tells me it’s time to either take a nap or to go to bed. Some days, I’ll nap at 2 pm, other days, I won’t nap at all. Generally, I don’t appear to sleep as long as I used to and will wake up after just 4-5 hours of sleep, but will feel completely reenergized as if I slept longer. For the most part, I have actually been getting up between 3 and 4 am, which is very unusual for me. Perhaps that’s my greater self saying, “Okay, work is done on this side of the world. Time to get back to work in the 3d realm.”?

Here’s the bottom line: Listen to your body when it informs you it’s time for a nap. Be cognizant of when your body tells you that it’s time to go to bed. Most notably, listen to your body at all times since you understand much better than anybody else about exactly what your body needs, so when it contacts you, LISTEN!

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