Do You Know Someone Who Is Hiding Their Spirituality?


Do you know someone who is hiding their spirituality? As the awakening continues to acquire energy, many people are finding themselves caught between following their hearts and exactly what other people may think of them.

Occasionally our ego avoids us from expressing who we really are. Since birth, many of us were programmed to follow the flock and to conform to society’s expectations. This is where people experience intellectual dissonance.

Intellectual dissonance takes place when you get an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding contrasting concepts simultaneously. In this case, our hearts could be informing us to follow a spiritual course however our confidences hesitate of being hurt by our friends or family who don’t understand our interests in this genre.

Some people could conceal behind a fake or alternate profile on Facebook due to the fact that they hesitate of what their friends and family might think of them and their recently found, spiritual Facebook friends. This, too, will trigger cognitive dissonance.

Here is an example: Your buddy posts a post on Facebook that you truly like however you won’t “Like” it or publish it on your Facebook wall since you are afraid of exactly what your unawakened pals may think.

Possibilities are, we will lose some long-time friends along the way in this awakening, however we will gain lots of even more who are like-minded. Plus, we are being true to our real selves of who we truly are, “Spiritual beings having a human experience.”.

The buddies that we lose are simply not prepared to be awakened at this moment. If they unfriend you or drift away, this is since they are uncomfortable with really looking at themselves, not you.

For some people, living within a multiple personality schema is the only method to find peace between their real sensations and exactly what culture may think of them. They may pretend to be somebody their not in front of family and friends by holding back their real ideas and sensations however might likewise find peace, comfort and solace in furthering their spiritual trip behind closed doors.

Eventually, the only individual we are tricking is the reflection in the mirror. Conformity.

In the 1950’s, a study was done on conformity called the Asch conformity experiments or the Asch Paradigm. A topic was placed in room with several other people. The group of individuals were shown a series on images that had one line being compared with three other lines of different sizes made use of a notepad and each person was to explain in words which line was most just like the first line. The control group were advised to take the same line that was visibly smaller than the first line. The subject, at first, would choose the longest line while looking at the various other individuals in disbelief. Ultimately, the subject satisfied whatever the team said was the most similar line, understanding in his mind that his selection was not the right choice.

Beyond the fear for what our buddies might consider us, the mainstream media is most likely the greatest villain for conformity by swaying popular opinion. For example, if a star is wearing a specific trademark name of clothing while drinking a specific brand name of drink, this person will affect the customer on his or her taste in clothes and what to drink.

The media rarely ever encourages the exploration of spiritual or metaphysical topics and opts to entertain us with ego-ladened reality shows or fear propaganda with routine shows, the information and attribute length films, every one of which take us far from following our spiritual paths.

When we view and follow sports on TV, it not just offers us with conformity and hostility, but it also promotes the divide and conquer concept, i.e. my people versus your people.

The corporate commercials are unconsciously, yet specifically customized to the demographics of the seeing audience. These commercials generally reveal good looking extroverts taking part in some asinine team occasion. While we could see through this facade, it still makes an imprint on our subconscious collective minds. In other words, in order to be good looking, sociable and popular, I have to purchase this product.
Who Are You?

Many of us have bought into this reality at some point in our lives, however as we incline listening to our hearts versus what is being “set” into us, we understand that the only thing that matters is being true to ourselves. Lots of people will live their whole lives pretending to be exactly what Many people will live their whole lives pretending to be what society defines or dictates and will never understand who they really aresociety defines or determines and will never know who they actually are.

By opening up to our real selves, we begin to establish a brand-new circle of spiritual buddies who accept us for who we are. We’re able to speak to these individuals about ANYTHING without judgment or ridicule.

Numerous of my spiritual pals will call me because their current group of friends do not comprehend exactly what they are feeling or experiencing during this awakening. I’ve had a lot of individuals reveal gratitude for in5d. com because they seem like they’re “not alone” in their thoughts and feelings. It’s not easy to follow this path when you have little or no support from your friends and family so taking that first step needs a great deal of courage.

However, we may be amazed at how a few of our buddies think similar to us concerning spirituality, yet we may have been to shy or embarrassed to point out these topics to one another.
What is the answer?

Only you know for sure however the answer can be discovered within a couple questions:.

“Can you be your true, authentic self at all times?”.

“Are you able to speak to your friends and family about spiritual or metaphysical issues without being judged or ridiculed?”.

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