Are The New Energies DRAINING You?

Are the new energies impacting your sleep patterns? Have you felt particularly tired lately? Are you taking longer naps? Have your sleep pattern changed? If so, you are not alone?

Here is an instance: I set for a “nap” around 4pm and woke up at 1am … a 9 hour “nap”. I don’t keep in mind the last time I Are The New Energies DRAINING You? rested for 9 hours, let alone “napping” for longer than 4 hours. Odd energies are going on today, certainly.

Maybe this happens more during a Mercury Retrograde however it seems like a growing number of individuals are should “charge their batteries” at the strangest times.

Right now, we are exiting the Age of Pisces and are entering the Age of Aquarius. Each of the ages hold their own energy signatures. So, while these energies are in shift, lots of people will feel the physiological outcomes, specifically empaths.

An empath is more most likely to sense minute modifications in energies that will go unnoticed by others. While other people will set about their day as if absolutely nothing is various, an empath will pick up on these energies and it might be reflected within their sleep patterns.

The late Jose Arguelles studied Mayan ruler Lord Pacal Voltan’s burial place and discovered a message stating that all of us need to “live without time” as much as possible. Lord Pacal Are The New Energies DRAINING You?|in5d. com|Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Databasebelieved that if we were able to get in touch with natural time (versus the synthetic Gregorian calendar in addition to the 24 hour day) we would be able to link to the universal frequency of synchronization, which has “no time”.

Possibly we are adjusting to this synchronization when our sleep patterns change?

Ideally, we should hear our bodies when it tells us to rest, but our minds have been set to “rest” at night, usually around a specific time that enables us to get sufficient sleep in order to be efficient at our tasks the following day. This only reinforces “manmade time” schedules.

Exactly what we can do is to stop wearing a watch and conceal our calendars. We can likewise attempt paying attention to our bodies on our day of rests and in essence, live “without time” even if it’s just for a day or 2.

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